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Paul Emilien

Paul Emilien was born in 1966 in the Cévennes. 

Very soon he focus on artistic creation, drawing and painting therefore rytm his personal and professional life. 

After years of imagining the products of tomorrow, he decides to create his own brand. Self-educated, it is in his small laboratory at his house he assembles his first notes and thinks the packaging of his future creations. Coming back from his travels around the world, he’s going to leverage his knowledge. his meetings foster a new vision on his achievements that strengthen his desire to compose as a musician, partitions with harmonious chords in the world of high perfumery to associate very luxurious packaging and containing. 

Every moment of his life then become a source of inspiration. 

Over time the creations assert themselves in the refinement and elegance that will give a rise of high-quality products and high perfumery from Grasse made in pure tradition that open the door to a world of luxury and olfactory harmony.

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