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House of Sillage creates unique scents that are made in France, our team of highly skilled noses, artists and designers. Each of the stunning bottles is the result of many years of experience. Everything from rare and exotic ingredients till to the wonderful perfume bottles, making each fragrance valuable work of art.
In a world overwhelmed by mass-produced products of standard quality House of Sillage returns to the elements that define the luxury. Founder Nicole Mather is focused on every detail, differed from both of artistically and craftedworks from classic perfumery.

House of Sillage embodies the true meaning and passion for haute perfumery.

Inspiration: "They kept me someone asks what inspired me to create a brand House of Sillage. It was the birth of a dream and motivating passion in my heart that God gave me. Purpose could not be explained, but came out from the absolute purity of innocence and naivete of a child. Vision is my interpretation of this incredible art form beauty that is hidden in a bottle. She became a memory of tears, laughter, excitement and all the battles in the fate of one man. It tells of the lessons of tolerance, humility, compassion and the desire for unconditional love. It represents everything that man is, and he wanted to be. Although it is just a moment in time and a persistent effect shall remain. This unequaled gift I can share with those who want to become part of my dream. I am grateful to you for allowing me to share it with you. "
-Nicole Mather, founder

Each bottle is numbered limited edition and is considered a work of art.

  • eyelids are covered with precious metals and decorated with hand multilateral inset crystals Swarowski.
  • glass bottles are made to order hand-polished and finishes in style Ombre.
  • each bottle represents countless hours of design, inspiration and craftsmanship.
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