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VL. P. No.1

VL.P. was created in honor of one of the most influential people of our time Vladimir Putin.

VL.P. is an elegant, oriental woody scents.

The fragrance is an energetic cocktail of citrus notes, caraway and lavender, wrapped in warm spicy notes of cinnamon, cardamom and delicate peach. Finally, with the vetiver there emerges a rich, powdery oriental scent with yellow flowers.

VL.P. is a forceful perfume ideally appropriate to a strong-willed man who are confident in himself and his abilities to achieve goals.




The composition of perfume opens to reveal a passionate duo of citrus notes and cumin, which are blending with spicy notes of the heart, by leaving behind a trail notes of sensual vetiver.
The whole aroma represents itself nobility, delicacy, elegance and prestige, as a consequence is becoming the choice of a true gentleman.









Fresh and light Bourmunque is the perfect source of coolness on a hot summer day.

Scent opens with a blend of sparkling fresh top notes of Sicilian lemon, pink pepper and sea water. Beautiful feminine heart notes (infused) contain mix of delicate bouquet of soft jasmine, lily of the valley, violet and enticing sandalwood.

The base gently combines amber, white musks and vetyver.

Bourmunque will perfectly suit a very cheerful, communicative, free, and dreaming woman. She is able to do everything she wants in life and she is not afraid of making her dreams come true.

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