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Giulietta Capuleti

A young woman in love, named Juliet of Capuleti, is a world-famous synonym for unconditional love. But was she a sad and unfortunate girl or a brave and tenacious woman who was able to challenge her destiny and make strong and definitive decisions? Her perfumes could have helped us discover the real character of Juliet—and now the reconstruction of her perfumes was done by Mara de Guidi from Verona. The heroine of Shakespeare's most famous tragedy, Romeo and Juliet, was reborn as a niche fragrance.

Mara de Guidi made a list of ingredients based on Shakespeare's drama and different interpretations of it. She felt like she should find a perfumer who would be able to keep the classical character of the perfume. A perfumer who could create a perfume out of old, traditional materials—roses and violets, spices and woods—but without modern or fashionable notes. She wanted to make a vintage perfume, a scent that would reflect true Italian history.

First fragrance Soul Drops was created in 2011. Soul Drops is Juliet, it is the essence of her soul captured inside a bottle. Soul Drops celebrates intimacy and innermost feelings, as precious and as rich as the emotional world of the strong and yet so delicate Julia. The ancient flowers, the secret ingredients are contained in five letters, written to give light to the hidden soul of the Shakespearean heroine, a strong and passionate woman. From this twofold and intrinsic soul a fragrance was born. A fragrance that speaks in a symbolic, almost ethereal manner, but is fully aware of his earthly part.

Ballo in Maschera - the masked ball. In the most famous love story in the world, William Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet", the divine playwright describes a magical scene: Their eyes meet at the masked ball and it is love at first sight. A fateful encounter and a love that will seek to overcome the hatred of the warring houses. Bugia Bianca is borrowed almost certainly from the English "white lie", the verbal image of a little lie that comes along dressed in white and claims that the end justifies the means. In the world of Shakespeare's "Romeo and Juliet" it may well be the scene in the fourth act, in which Julia pretends to her father that she is now obedient and consents to her marriage with Paris. Because of her wanting to ask God for forgiveness, she is left alone and drinks the fatal sleeping potion.

"Ritorno Amaro" - the bitter return. In the Shakespearean world of "Romeo and Juliet", this name can represent for example, Romeo's return to Verona, where he rushes to the tomb of the supposedly dead Juliet. Or perhaps it might be Juliet’s awakening, when she sees Romeo’s dead body lying beside her. This tragic and insane end of a love story does however leave us with a spark of hope as the feuding families are finally reconciled - at a high price.

The piece ends with the words: "For never was a story of more woe / Than this of Juliet and her Romeo."

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