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Ramon Bejar Cuarzo

Cuarzo The Circle is above all a philosophy, a new way to understand perfumery where the soul of gems merges along with the most sophisticated essences and plants of our planet, resulting in unique and exquisite collection of perfumes with limited and numbered editions. Combination between naturalness and sophistication, rough stone and brilliant cut, earthly and savage wild and divinity… Making each fragrance to relate in a very special way to its customer, creating a circle, a bond, a sensibility that allows users and artists to understand and feel the perfumes in a unique way. 

All of Cuarzo The Circle fragrances stand out for the quality and nobility of their materials, with bottles and caps shaped from the most elegant diamond–polished crystal glass, lacquered wooden boxes secured by magnetic locks, and the oversized best natural essences of our planet that make each piece a unique and selective artwork of high perfumery. 

A new concept standing in between perfume, art piece and jewel; our brand is the fruitful result of the devotion and refine skills required to produce extreme quality, exquisiteness and sophistication. A touch of adoration for supreme beauty that turns each fragrance into an authentic object of power.

Ramón Béjar, one of the best perfumers in the world and creator of internationally acclaimed niche fragrances that raised him as the main conciliator between Eastern and Western perfumery; brings us to his dream of a new dimension of extreme luxury: Cuarzo The Circle. 

Besides being a perfumer, artist and dreamer, Ramón Béjar stands out for his great sensitivity, taste and intuition; qualities that lead him to create otherwise unimaginable combinations of scents able to incite the most extraordinary sensations. Since he discovered his passion for perfume under the wing of an oriental master who taught him the secrets of this tradition, he has been dedicated to the art of perfumery, leaving in his wake the creation of some fragrances that transcend the boundaries of history for their delicacy.

Ramón Béjar, a strong believer in his work as a perfumer, follows his vocation of creating what he calls “Olfactory Experiences for the Soul”, fragrances that stand in between jewellery and art pieces, only for those who dare to wear his unique seal of identity and experience the power, spirituality and mysticism transmitted by his perfumes.










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