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The fashion House of Hayari-Paris was started in 2009 by Nabil Hayari after graduating from the prestigious Haute Couture school Sup le Mode in Lyon, France and working with several other designers. Releasing designs that were meant to reflect the glamour of Hollywood they have been worn by celebrities and on the Red Carpet at prestigious events around the world. These three fragrances are Hayari’s first foray into perfumes, and they sparkle and shine with the same luxury and beauty as their dress and fashion designs. All three scents are based on white flowers and are inspired by the elegance and glamour of Paris. All are eau de parfum concentrations and, from the packaging to the flacons to the aroma of the juices, exude a blend of class, opulence and sophistication. Broderie was inspired by embroidery and lace, as M. Hayari feels these are the most elegant and glamorous of textiles used in fashion for centuries. These materials evoke delicacy, femininity, sexiness and are very French Goldy was created by Robertet’s Dorothee Piot and is a woody powdery beauty! The unusual opening of rosemary’s balsamic piney herbal aroma with bitter dry mugwort grabbed my nose and would not let go.

Only for Her was also created by Sidonie Lancesseur and is an homage to the classic elegance of French fashion and perfumes. A surprising opening of tart grapefruit paired with a silken freesia is neither too powdery nor too citric.

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