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Jovoy, Parfumeur Parisien

It is great pride about the Home Fragrances Jovoy becomes daily known for its Parisian store for her line of fragrances and candles. The home fragrances
created in 1923 by Blanche Arvoy had to wait until 2006 to be taken out of oblivion, the new perfume water line was made for lovers of beautiful materials, in search of contemporary flavors and in partnership with famous "noses" or master perfumers in the making of unforgetable aromas.

The perfumistas in Paris will tell you  "The place to go” for rare fragrances is Jovoy Paris.  François Hénin, the owner of Jovoy, the expert, has worked extensively on six new compositions in collaboration with Jacques Flori, Mark Fanton d'Andon, Michelle Saramito (all at Robertet) and Cécile Zarokian.

According to François, the biggest mistake people make when buying perfume is that “they buy the impression, not the promise.” Perfume consists of three notes: the top notes, middle notes (heart notes) and bottom notes. The top notes are the impression, but they wear off quickly. The “promise” of a perfume is the heart and the bottom. At Jovoy, the staff would rather send you home with free samples then push a sale. In fact, a significant part of the philosophy behind both the bottles and the cheat sheets (below each tray of scents you can pull out a cheat sheet that describes the scents involved in all the notes for each perfume) is that you should be able to smell what you like on your own, without a salesperson hovering over you.

For example - Amber!   Every line must have one, but is it perfect for the pickiest of amber aficionados.   How many times have we been disappointed  in our quest ; some  are too heavy, too heady or  been there smelled that.  To create a unique amber fragrance is a perilous exercise in Haute Parfumerie. Ambre Premieris a  tour de force of both innocence and experience; first it evokes the candy floss sweetness of our youth and then tempts us by leading us by the nose into a world of sensuality.  

Notes: floral rose, patchouli, amber, vanilla
Perfumer: Michelle Saramito (Robertet)











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